Monday, January 1, 2018

2018: The Year in Graphics

Previously, I've had these listed under the various Year in Shorts entries. Some people (hello!) feel this inflates my count of short works (not sure why this is a problem with those people, but it is the internet, so there's got to be somebody with a problem out there who wants to share it!). As an experiment, I'm going to split the graphic works off as a separate list. If nothing else, it might make it easier for me to keep track of what I've read.

Number of Titles Read (as of December 31, 2018): 295.

Saladin Ahmed & Co.: Abbott 001-005 (5 issues, continuing). Miles Morales: Spider-Man 001 (1 issue, continuing). Black Bolt 001-012; Black Bolt Legacy Primer Pages (13 issues, completed.)

Jason Aron & Chris Bachalo: Dr. Strange 2015-2018 001-003 (3 issues, continuing).

Frank Brunner & Steve Englehart: Doctor Strange Classic 001-003 (3 issues, continuing).

Warren Ellis & Co.: Transmetropolitan 001-060, Filth of the City, I Hate It Here (62 issues, completed). Supreme Blue Rose 001-007 (7 issues, completed). Freakangels Volumes 001-006 (6 issues, completed). Atmospherics (1 issue, completed). Global Frequency—The Deluxe Edition (1 volume, completed).

Neil Gaiman & Co.: Sandman 001—Sleep of the Just; 002—Imperfect Hosts; 003—Dream a Little Dream of Me; 004—A Hope in Hell; 005—Passengers; 006—24 Hours; 007—Sound and Fury; 008—The Sound of Her Wings; 009—Tales in the Sand; 010—The Doll's House; 011—Moving In; 012—Playing House; 013—Men of Good Fortune; 014—Collectors; 015—Into the Night; 016—Lost Hearts; 017—Calliope; 018—A Dream of a Thousand Cats; 019—A Midsummer Night's Dream; 020—Facade; 021—Season of Mists Prologue; 022—Season of Mists Chapter 1; 023—Season of Mists Chapter 2; 024—Season of Mists Chapter 3; 025—Season of Mists Chapter 4; 026—Season of Mists Chapter 5; 027—Season of Mists Chapter 6; 028—Season of Mists Epilogue; 029—A Game of You 01: Slaughter on Fifth Avenue; 030—A Game of You 02: Lullabies of Broadway; 031—A Game of You 03: Bad Moon Rising; 032—A Game of You 04: Beginning to See the Light; 033—A Game of You 05: Over the Seas to Sky; 034—A Game of You 06: I Woke Up and One of Us Was Crying; 035—Fear of Falling; 036—Three Septembers and a January; 037—Thermidor; 038—The Hunt; 
039—August; 040—Soft Places; 041—The Song of Orpheus; 042—The Parliament of Rooks; 043—Ramadan; 044—Brief Lives 01; 045Brief Lives 02; 046Brief Lives 03; 047Brief Lives 04; 048Brief Lives 05; 049Brief Lives 06; 050Brief Lives 07; 051—Brief Lives 08; 052—Brief Lives 09; 053A Tale of Two Cities; 054Cluracan's Tale; 055Hob's Leviathan; 056The Golden Boy; 057Cerements; 058World's End; 059—Vertigo Jam 1—The Castle; 060The Kindly Ones 01; 061The Kindly Ones 02; 062The Kindly Ones 03; 063The Kindly Ones 04; 064The Kindly Ones 05; 065The Kindly Ones 06; 066The Kindly Ones 07; 067The Kindly Ones 08; 068The Kindly Ones 09; 069The Kindly Ones 10; 070The Kindly Ones 11; 071The Kindly Ones 12; 072The Kindly Ones 13; 073—The Wake 01—Which Occurs in the Wake of What Has Gone Before; 074—The Wake 02—In Which a Wake is Held; 075—The Wake 03—In Which We Wake; 076—The Wake 04—An Epilogue, Sunday Mourning; 077—The Wake 05—Exiles; 078—The Wake 06—The Tempest; 079—Dust Covers: The Collected Sandman Covers (79 issues, completed).

Jody Houser & Co.: Rogue One 001-002 (2 issues, continuing).

Stan Lee & Steve: Ditko: Strange Tales 110—Dr. Strange, Master of Black Magic!; Strange Tales 111—Dr. Strange, Master of Black Magic! (2 issues, continuing).

Mike Mignola & Co.: Hellboy: Seed of Destruction; The Wolves of Saint August; The Chained Coffin; Wake the Devil; Almost Colossus; The Right Hand of Doom; Box Full of Evil; Being Human; Conqueror Worm; The Third Wish; The Island; Into the Silent Spring; Krampusnacht; Winter Special 2016; Winter Special 2017; The Visitor How & Why He Stayed 001-005; The Rise of the Black Flame 001-005; Rasputin—The Voice of the Dragon 001-005; Koshchei the Deathless 001-006; Hellboy Winter Special 2018Pancakes; The Midnight Circus; The Nature of the Beast; King Vold; Hellboy in Mexico; Hellboy versus the Aztec Mummy; Hellboy Gets Marrie; The Coffin Man; The Coffin Man 2—The Rematch; House of the Living Dead; The Crooked Man; The Penanggalan; The Corpse; Double Feature of Evil; The Iron Shoes; The Hydra and the Lion; The Troll Witch; The Baba Yaga; The Sleeping and the Dead; Heads; Goodbye, Mr. Tod; The Varcolac; The Vampire of Prague; The Bride of Hell; The Whittier Legacy; Buster Oakley Gets His Wish; They That Go Down to the Sea in Ships; A Christmas Underground; Dr. Carp's Experiment; The Ghoul, or Reflections on Death; In the Chapel of Moloch; Makoma, or A Tale Told by a Mummy in the New York City Explorer's Club on August 16, 1993 (69 stories, continuing).

Charles Soule & Phil Noto: Poe Dameron 013 (1 issue, continuing).

Howard Tayler: Schlock Mercenary 01—The Tub of Happiness; 02—The Teraport Wars; 03—Under New Management; 04—The Blackness Between; 05—The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance; 06—Resident Mad Scientist; 07—Emperor Pius Dei; 08—The Sharp End of the Stick; 09—The Body Politic; 10—The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse; 11—Massively Parallel (11 volumes, continuing).

Kurtis J. Wiebe & John "Roc" Upchurch: Rat Queens 001 (1 issue, continuing).

Jim Zub & Co.: Wayward 001-028 (28 issues, continuing).

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