Friday, January 1, 2021

2021: The Year in Books

Here is a list of books (long form works) that I have read for the year. Books will come in many formats: paper (pBooks), audio (aBooks), electronic (eBooks) and possibly even serialized in magazines.

Number of books read (as of June 8, 2021): 060.

Books read (alphabetical by author, then chronological within author):

Ben Aaronovitch: Peter Grant 01—Rivers of London/Midnight Riot (eBook) (March). Peter Grant 02—Moon Over Soho (aBook) (April).

Poul Anderson: Technic Civilization 01—The Van Rijn Method (contains one novel and parts of three anthologies; counted as two entries) (aBook) (June).

Elliot Ackerman & James G. Stavridis: 2034—A Novel of the Next World War (eBook) (March).

Gregory Benford: Galactic Center 01—In the Ocean of Night (aBook) (April). 

Larry Bond: Red Phoenix (aBook) (January).

Lois McMaster Bujold: The Vorkosigan Saga 13—A Civil Campaign (aBook) (January). The Vorkosigan Saga 14—Diplomatic Immunity (aBook) (January). The Vorkosigan Saga 15—Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (aBook) (January). The Vorkosigan Saga 17—Cryoburn (aBook) (January). The Vorkosigan Saga 18—Gentleman Joele and the Red Queen (aBook) (January). Proto Zoa (aBook) (January).

Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler: Fail-Safe (aBook) (January).

Arthur C. Clarke: Against the Fall of Night (eBook) (April).

Hal Clement (G. Harry Stubbs): Cycle of Fire (aBook) (May).

Glen Cook: The Black Company 05—Shadow Games (aBook) (January).

Lindsey Davis: Marcus Didius Falco 01—The Silver Pigs (aBook) (April).

L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt: The Complete Compleat Enchanter (aBook) (May).

Richard Feynman: The Meaning of It All (eBook) (June).

Philip Glass: Words Without Music (aBook) (April).

Robert A. Heinlein: Revolt in 2100 (eBook) (June).

Stanley Karnow: Vietnam—A History (pBook) (May).

John Le Carre: George Smiley 01—Call for the Dead (aBook) (January). George Smiley 02—A Murder of Quality (aBook) (January). George Smiley 03—The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (aBook) (January). George Smiley 04—The Looking Glass War (aBook) (January). George Smiley 05—Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (aBook) (May). George Smiley 06—The Honourable Schoolboy (aBook) (June). George Smiley 07—Smiley's People (aBook) (June). 

Mike Mignola & Company: Hellboy Omnibus 01—Seed of Destruction (eBook) (March). Hellboy Omnibus 02—Strange Places (eBook) (March). Hellboy Omnibus 03—The Wild Hunt (eBook) (March). Hellboy Omnibus 04—Hellboy in Hell (eBook) (March). Hellboy—The Complete Short Stories 01 (eBook) (April). 

Tim O'Brien: The Things They Carried (aBook) (May).

Ellis Peters: Brother Cadfael 07—The Sanctuary Sparrow (eBook) (January). Brother Cadfael 08—The Devil's Novice (eBook) (February). Brother Cadfael 09—Dead Man's Ransom (eBook) (February). Brother Cadfael 10—The Pilgrim of Hate (eBook) (February).Brother Cadfael 11—An Excellent Mystery (eBook) (March). Brother Cadfael 12—The Raven in the Foregate (eBook) (March). Brother Cadfael 13—The Rose Rent (eBook) (March). Brother Cadfael 14—The Hermit of Eyton Forest (eBook) (March). Brother Cadfael 15—The Confession of Brother Haluin (eBook) (March). Brother Cadfael 16—The Heretic's Apprentice (eBook) (April). Brother Cadfael 17—The Potter's Field (eBook) (June).

Frederik Pohl: Gateway 01—Gateway (aBook) (May). Gateway 02—Beyond the Blue Event Horizon (aBook) (May). 

Tim Powers: Vickery and Castine 01—Alternate Routes (aBook) (June).

Neil Sheehan: A Bright Shining Lie—John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam (aBook) (May).

Clifford D. Simak: The Goblin Reservation (aBook) (May). Project Pope (aBook) (May). City (aBook) (May). Way Station (aBook) (June).

Lewis Thomas: The Lives of a Cell—Notes of a Biology Watcher (aBook) (February). The Medusa and the Snail (aBook) (February). Late Night Thoughts on Listening to Mahler's Ninth Symphony (aBook) (June). 

Martha Wells: The Murderbot Diaries 01—All Systems Red (eBook) (June).

Gene Wolfe: The Book of the New Sun 01—The Shadow of the Torturer (pBook) (April).

Books read (in chronological order, master list): 001: Shadow Games (Cook). 002: Call for the Dead (Le Carre). 003: A Murder of Quality (Le Carre). 004: The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (Le Carre). 005: The Looking Glass War (Le Carre). 006: Red Phoenix (Bond). 007: Fail-Safe (Burdick and Wheeler). 008: A Civil Campaign (Bujold). 009: Diplomatic Immunity (Bujold). 010: Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (Bujold). 011: Cryoburn (Bujold). 012: Gentleman Joele and the Red Queen (Bujold). 013: The Sanctuary Sparrow (Peters). 014: Proto Zoa (Bujold). 015: The Devil's Novice (Peters). 016: The Lives of a Cell (Thomas). 017: The Medusa and the Snail (Thomas). 018: Dead Man's Ransom (Peters). 019: The Pilgrim of Hate (Peters). 020: An Excellent Mystery (Peters). 021: The Raven in the Foregate (Peters). 022: The Rose Rent (Peters). 023: The Hermit of Eyton Forest (Peters).  024: 2034—A Novel of the Next War (Ackerman & Stavridis). 025: The Confession of Brother Haluin (Peters). 026: Seed of Destruction (Mignola & Co.). 027: Strange Places (Mignola & Co.). 028: The Wild Hunt (Mignola & Co.). 029: Rivers of London/Midnight Riot (Aaronovitch). 030: Hellboy in Hell (Mignola & Co.). 031: Moon Over Soho (Aaronovitch). 032: Against the Fall of Night (Clarke). 033: The Heretic's Apprentice (Peters). 034: The Silver Pigs (Davis). 035: In the Ocean of Night (Benford).  036: The Shadow of the Torturer (Wolfe). 037: Hellboy—The Complete Short Stories 01 (Mignola & Co.). 038: Words Without Music (Glass). 039: A Bright Shining Lie—John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam (Sheehan). 040: Cycle of Fire (Clement). 041: Gateway (Pohl). 042: Beyond the Blue Event Horizon (Pohl). 043: Vietnam—A History (Karnow). 044: The Things They Carried (O'Brien). 045: The Goblin Reservation (Simak). 046: Project Pope (Simak). 047: City (Simak). 048: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Le Carre). 049: The Complete Compleat Enchanter (de Camp and Pratt). 050 and 051: The Van Rijn Method (Anderson). 052: Late Night Thoughts on Listening to Mahler's Ninth Symphony (Thomas). 053: The Meaning of It All (Feynman). 054: The Honourable Schoolboy (Le Carre). 055: Smiley's People (Le Carre). 056: Revolt in 2100 (Heinlein). 057: All Systems Red (Wells). 058: The Potter's Field (Peters) 059: Alternate Routes (Powers). 060: Way Station (Simak).

Paper Books: 002. 

Electronic Books: 021.

Audiobooks: 037 (one omnibus counting as two).

Sometimes I have swapped between formats, so the totals of those three formats may not equal the total for books read in a year.

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