Monday, January 1, 2018

2018: The Year in Graphics

Previously, I've had these listed under the various Year in Shorts entries. Some people (hello!) feel this inflates my count of short works (not sure why this is a problem with those people, but it is the internet, so there's got to be somebody with a problem out there who wants to share it!). As an experiment, I'm going to split the graphic works off as a separate list. If nothing else, it might make it easier for me to keep track of what I've read.

Number of Titles Read (as of July 15, 2018): 61.

Jason Aron & Chris Bachalo: Dr. Strange 2015-) 001-003 (3 issues, continuing).

Frank Brunner & Steve Englehart: Doctor Strange Classic 001-003 (3 issues, continuing).

Warren Ellis & Co.: Transmetropolitan 001-034 (34 issues, continuing).

Neil Gaiman & Co.: Sandman 001—Sleep of the Just; 002—Imperfect Hosts; 003—Dream a Little Dream of Me; 004—A Hope in Hell; 005—Passengers; 006—24 Hours; 007—Sound and Fury; 008—The Sound of Her Wings; 009—Tales in the Sand; 010—The Doll's House; 011—Moving In; 012—Playing House; 013—Men of Good Fortune; 014—Collectors; 015—Into the Night; 016—Lost Hearts (16 issues, continuing).

Jody Houser & Co.: Rogue One 001-002 (2 issues, continuing).

Charles Soule & Phil Noto: Poe Dameron 013 (1 issue, continuing).

Jim Zub & Co.: Wayward 001-002 (2 issues, continuing).

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