Sunday, May 15, 2005

Matrioshka Brains

Man, you never know where you'll end up on the information superhighway. Some chance remarks and related postings at the ever excellent Centauri Dreams led me to this site and then this site. I passed the links onto a friend, who passed back this link. And somehow or another, through various people, I've had some talks about Dyson Spheres, J.D. Bernal's The World, The Flesh and The Devil, Cordwainer Smith and the Instrumentality of Mankind and Olaf Stapledon and the origins of Star Maker, back to Dyson and this time trees in space, and the Orion "boom boom" rocket. Bernal spheres!

Neptune's trojan asteroids! Another asteroid belt! Pluto's three moons! Next-generation spacesuits from Russia! Ion drives! Water in space! Moons spewing geysers! Life under the ice! Zounds!

There's got to be a science fiction novel in me somewhere. Or four!