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A sketch (colored magic marker?) by Robert McCall of a lunar colony. I recall a bunch of these appearing in a magazine (newspaper Sunday supplement?) in the 1970's.


David Hardy takes us to Enceladus. A plume in the foreground, Saturn dominates the sky.


Michael Carroll depicts the Galileo orbiter on approach to Jupiter, passing the small "potato moon" of Amalthea.

Return Journey

Artwork by Pat Rawlings showing private and government space stations in orbit around the Moon and a Earth-bound shuttle heading home.

Entry Interface

Uncredited art from 1968 showing the Apollo Command Module re-entering the atomosphere.

Dream Mighty Things

The SLS, Blue Glenn and now the ever-growing SpaceX family.

What's Up in the Solar System?

What's up in the solar system in terms of robotic exploration for October? (More than a few days behind in my posting, like much of my life right now.)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Quest for the Homeworld

An article talking about E.C. Tubb and his most famous series: Dumarest of Terra. Stretching well over thirty (relatively thin) books, short on character, long on fantastic ideas, the series contributed to GDW's SF-RPG Traveller.