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2021: The Year in Shorts

 Across the eons comes a tale of a time in a galaxy far, far away, when John DeNardo of SF Signal started tracking his short stories read as a way of trying to make a goal of reading one short work for each day of the year. I've managed, more often than not, to match that goal myself. While the tradition has faded at SF Signal, it continues here. The legend continues!

Number of Stories Read: 171 (out of 365) as of June 10, 2021.

Poul Anderson: The Technic Civilization 01—The Van Rijn Method. Made up of: Planets and Profits (Hank Davis); The Saturn Game; Introduction—Wings of Victory; Wings of Victory; Introduction—The Problem of Pain; The Problem of Pain; Introduction—Margin of Profit; Margin of Profit (1978 Revised Version); Introduction—How to be Ethnic in One Easy Lesson; How to be Ethnic in one Easy Lesson; Introduction—The Three-Cornered Wheel; The Three-Cornered Wheel; Introduction—A Sun Invisible; A Sun Invisible; Introduction—The Season of Forgiveness; The Season of Forgiveness; Introduction to The Man Who Counts; The Man Who Counts; Afterword to The Man Who Counts; Introduction to Esau; Esau; Introduction to Hiding Place; Hiding Place; A Chronology of Technic Civilization (Sandra Miesel); Appendix I—Original Version of Margin of Profit; Appendix II—The Man Who Counts and the Technic Civilization Series (26 stories; collection completed).

Poul Anderson;  The Technic Civilization 02—David Falkayn: Star Trader. Made up of: High Profits and High Adventure (Hank Davis); A Historical Reflection; Territory; Plus Ça Change Plus C'est La Même Chose; The Trouble Twisters; Introduction—Day of Burning; Day of Burning; The Master Key; Satan's World; Introduction—A Little Knowledge; A Little Knowledge; Introduction—Lodestar; Lodestar; Afterword—Lodestar; Chronology of Technic Civilization (Sandra Miesel) (0 stories, continuing to read).

Poul AndersonThe Technic Civilization 03—Rise of the Terran Empire. Made up of: The Rise of the Terran Empire (Hank Davis); Mirkheim; Wingless; Rescue on Avalon; The Star Plunderer; Sargasso of Lost Starships; The People of the Wind; A Chronology of Technic Civilization (Sandra Miesel) (0 stories, continuing to read).

Poul AndersonThe Technic Civilization 04—Young Flandry. Made up of: Enter a Hero, Somewhat Flawed (Hank Davis); Ensign Flandry; A Circus of Hells; The Rebel Worlds; Chronology of Technic Civilization (Sandra Miesel) (0 stories; continuing to read).

Poul AndersonThe Technic Civilization 05—Captain Flandry: Defender of the Terran Empire. Made up of: Enter an Adversary—Charismatic and Ruthless (Hank Davis); Outpost of Empire; The Day of Their Return; Tiger by the Tail; Honorable Enemies; The Game of Glory; A Message in Secret; Chronology of Technic Civilization (Sandra Miesel) (0 stories; continuing to read).

Poul Anderson;  The Technic Civilization 06—Sir Dominic Flandry: The Last Knight of Terra. Made up of: Enter Hero and Adversary, Accompanied by Alarms and Tumult (Hank Davis); The Plague of Masters; Hunters of the Sky Cave; The Warriors from Nowhere; A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows; Chronology of Technic Civilization (Sandra Miesel) (0 stories, continuing to read).

Poul Anderson;  The Technic Civilization 07—Flandry's Legacy: The Technic Civilization Saga. Made up of: The Wheel Turns (Hank Davis); A Stone in Heaven; The Game of Empire; A Tragedy of Errors; The Night Face; The Sharing of Flesh; Starfog; Chronology of Technic Civilization (Sandra Miesel) (0 stories; continuing to read).

Gregory Benford and David G. Hartwell (editor): The Best of Gregory Benford. Made up of: Nobody Lives on Burton Street; Doing Lennon; White Creatures; In Alien Flesh; Redeemer; Dark Sanctuary; Time Shards; Exposures; Relativistic Effects; Of Space/Time and the River (variant of Of Space-Time and the River); Time's Rub; Freezeframe; Proselytes; Matter's End; Mozart on Morphine; Centigrade 233; World Vast, World Various; In the Dark Backward (variant of The Dark Backward); A Desperate Calculus; Zoomers; Slow Symphonies of Mass and Time; A Dance to Strange Musics; Anomalies; Comes the Evolution; Twenty-Two Centimeters; A Life with a Semisent; Applied Mathematical Theology; Bow Shock; Reasons Not to Publish; The Champagne Award; Penumbra; Gravity's Whispers; Mercies; Grace Immaculate; Eagle; The Sigma Structure Symphony; Backscatter; Afterword (14 stories read; continuing to read).

Ben Bova: The Kinsman Saga. Made up of: Kinsman; Test in Orbit; The Weathermakers; Fifteen Miles; Zero Gee; Build Me a Mountain; The Lieutenant and the Folksinger; Millennium. (0 stories, continuing to read).

Lois McMaster Bujold: Winterfair Gifts (1 story, completed). The Flowers of Vashnoi (1 story, completed).

Lois McMaster Bujold: Proto Zoa. Made up of: Barter; Garage Sale; The Hole Truth; Dreamweaver's Dilemma; Aftermaths (5 stories, collection completed).

L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt: The Complete Compleat Enchanter. Made up of: Preface (David Drake); The Roaring Trumpet; The Mathematics of Magic; The Castle of Iron; The Wall of Serpents; The Green Magician (6 entries, collection completed). 

Richard Feynman: The Meaning of It All. Made up of: The Uncertainty of Science; The Uncertainty of Values; This Unscientific Age (3 essays, collection completed.)

Robert A. Heinlein: Revolt in 2100. Made up of: "If This Goes On—"; Coventry; Misfit; Concerning Stories Never Written—Postscript (4 stories; collection completed). 

M.R. James: Count Magnus and Other Ghost Stories. Made up of: Introduction (S.T. Joshi); Suggestions for Further Reading; A Note on the Text; Canon Alberic's Scrap-book; Lost Hearts; The Mezzotint; The Ash-Tree; Number 13; Count Magnus; "Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad"; The Treasure of Abbot Thomas; A School Story; The Rose Garden; The Tractate Middoth; Casting the Runes; The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral; Martin's Close; Mr. Humphreys and His Inheritance; Appendix: Ghost Stories; A Night in King's College Chapel; Preface to Ghost-Stories of an Antiquary; Preface to More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary; Explanatory Notes (7 stories, continuing to read).

C.L. Moore: Jirel of Joiry. Made up of: Black God's Kiss; Black God's Shadow; Jirel Meets Magic; The Dark Land; Hellsgarde; Quest of the Starstone (1 story read, continuing to read).

C.L. Moore: The Best of C.L. Moore. Made up of: Shambleau; Black Thirst; The Bright Illusion; Black God's Kiss; Tryst in Time; Greater Than Gods; Fruit of Knowledge; No Woman born; Daemon; Vintage Season; Afterword—Footnote to "Shambleau"...and Others (0 stories read).

Tim Powers: Artificial Light (1 story, completed).

Clifford D. Simak: City. Made up of: Introduction; Notes on the First Tale; City; Notes on the Second Tale; Huddling Place; Notes on the Third Tale; Census; Notes on the Fourth Tale; Desertion; Notes on the Fifth Tale; Paradise; Notes on the Sixth Tale; Hobbies; Notes on the Seventh Tale; Aesop; Notes on the Eighth Tale; The Simple Way; Introduction to EpilogEpilog (19 stories, collection completed).

Lewis Thomas: The Lives of a Cell—Notes of a Biology Watcher. Made up of: The Lives of a Cell; Thoughts for a Countdown; On Societies as Organisms; A Fear of Pheromones; The Music of This Sphere; An Earnest Proposal; The Technology of Medicine; Vibes; Ceti; The Long Habit; Antaeus in Manhattan; The MBL; Autonomy; Organelles as Organisms; Germs; Your Very Good Health; Social Talk; Information; Death in the Open; Natural Science; Natural Man; The Iks; Computers; The Planning of Science; Some Biomythology; On Various Words; Living Language; On Probability and Possibility; The World's Biggest Membrane (29 essays read; collection completed).

Lewis Thomas: The Youngest Science—Notes of a Medicine Watcher. Made up of: Amity Street; House Calls; 1911 Medicine; 1933 Medicine; 1937 Internship; Leech Leech, Et Cetera; Nurses; Neurology; Guam and Okinawa; Itinerary; NYU Pathology; NYU Bellevue Medicine; The Board of Health; Endotoxin; Cambridge; The Governance of a University; Rheumatoid Arthritis and Mycoplasmas; MSKCC—The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; Olfaction and the Tracking Mouse; Illness; Scabies, Scrapie; Essays and Gaia; Appendix (0 essays read; continuing to read).

Lewis Thomas: The Medusa and the Snail—More Notes of a Biology Watcher. Made up of: The Medusa and the Snail; The Tucson Zoo; The Youngest and Brightest; One Magic in Medicine; The Wonderful Mistake; Ponds; To Err is Human; The Selves; The Health-Care System; On Cloning a Human Being; On Etymons and Hybrids; The Hazards of Science; On Warts; On Transcendental Metaworry (TMM); An Apology; On Disease; On Natural Death; A Trip Abroad; On Meddling; On Committees; The Scrambler in the Mind; Notes on Punctuation; The Deacon's Masterpiece; How to Fix the Premedical Curriculum; A Brief Historical Notes on Medical Economics; Why Montaigne in Not a Bore; On Thinking About Thinking; On Embryology; Medical Lessons from History (29 essays read; collection completed).

Lewis Thomas: Late Night Thoughts on Listening to Mahler's Ninth Symphony. Made up of: The Unforgettable Fire; The Corner of the Eye; Making Science Work; Alchemy; Clever Animals; On Smell; My Magical Metronome; On Speaking of Speaking; Seven Wonders; An Artificial Heart; Things Unflattened by Science; Basic Science and the Pentagon; Science and "Science"; On the Need for Asylums; Altruism; Falsity and Failure; On Medicine and the Bomb; The Problem of Dementia; The Lie Detector; Some Scientific Advice; The Attic of the Brain; Humanities and Science; On Matters of Doubt; Late Night Thoughts on Listening to Mahler's Ninth Symphony; Notes (24 essays read, collection completed).

Lewis Thomas: The Fragile Species. Made up of: Foreword (Kenneth S. Warren); Fifty Years Out; Becoming a Doctor; The Art and Craft of Memoir; The Life in the Mind; In Time of Plague; AIDS and Drug Abuse; The Odds of Normal Aging; Obligations; Comprehending My Cat Jeoffrey; Science and the Health of the Earth; Sermon at St. John the Divine, June 1984; Cooperation; Communication; Connections (0 essays read, continuing to read).

Martha Wells: The Murderbot Diaries 00—Compulsory (1 story, completed). 


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