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2015: The Year in Shorts

Many years ago, in a galaxy far, far away, John DeNardo of SF Signal started tracking his short stories read as a way of trying to make a goal of reading one short work for each day of the year. I've managed, more often than not, to match that goal myself. While the tradition has faded at SF Signal, it continues here. Time for a new batch of stories!

Number of stories read: 800 (out of 365) as of December 14, 2015.


Robert W. Chambers: The Yellow Sign and Other Stories—The Complete Weird Tales of Robert W. Chambers [made up of: Introduction (2014 reads) (S.T. Joshi); The King in Yellow—The Repairer of ReputationsThe MaskIn the Court of the DragonThe Yellow Sign; (2015 reads) The Demoiselle D'Ys; The Prophet's Paradise; The Maker of Moons—The Maker of Moons; A Pleasant Evening; The Mystery of Choice—The Purple Emperor; Pompe Funebre; The Messenger; The White Shadow; Passeur; The Key to Grief; In Search of the Unknown—The Harbor-Master; The Spirit of the North; The Ux-Skin; The Sphyx; The Thermosaurus; The Pythagoreans; The Tracer of Lost Persons—Excerpts, Chapter 17; Chapter 18; Chapter 19; Chapter 20; The Tree of Heaven—The Carpet of Belshazzar; The Sign of Venus; The Case of Mr. Helmer; The Bridal Pair; Out of the Depths; Police!—Preface; The Third Eye; The Immortal; The Ladies of the Lake; One Over; Un Peu D'Amour; The Eggs of the Silver Moon.] (05 stories read in 2014, continuing to read).

G.K. Chesterton: The Complete Father Brown Mysteries: (2014 reads) The Innocence of Father Brown: The Blue Cross; The Secret Garden; The Queer Feet;  (2015 reads) The Flying Stars; The Invisible Man; The Honour of Israel Gow; The Wrong Shape; The Sins of Prince Saradine; The Hammer of God; The Eye of Apollo; The Sign of the Broken Sword; The Three Tools of Death. The Wisdom of Father Brown: The Absence of Mr. Glass; The Paradise of Thieves; The Duel of Dr. Hirsch; The Man in the Passage; The Mistake of the Machine; The Head of Caesar; The Purple Wig; The Perishing of the Pendragons; The God of the Gongs; The Salad of Colonel Cray; The Strange Crime of John Boulnois; The Fairy Tale of Father Brown. The Donnington Affair. The Incredulity of Father Brown: The Resurrection of Father Brown; The Arrow of Heaven; The Oracle of the Dog; The Miracle of Moon Crescent; The Curse of the Golden Cross; The Dagger with Wings; The Doom of the Darnaways; The Ghost of Gideon Wise. The Secret of Father Brown: The Secret of Father Brown; The Mirror of the Magistrate; The Man with Two Beards; The Song of the Flying Fish; The Vanishing of Vaudrey; The Worst Crime in the World; The Red Moon of Meru; The Chief Mourner of Marne. The Scandal of Father Brown: The Scandal of Father Brown; The Quick One; The Blast of the Book; The Green Man; The Pursuit of Mr. Blue; The Crime of the Communist; The Point of a Pin; The Insoluble Problem; The Vampire of the Village. The Mask of Midas (3 stories read in 2014, continuing to read).

Samuel R. Delany: On Writing An Introduction—Emblems of Talent; Part I—Seven Essays (Teaching Writing; Thickening the Plot; Characters; On Pure Storytelling; Of Doubts and Dreams; After Almost No Time at All the String on Which He Had Been Pulling Came Apart into Two Separate Pieces So Quickly He Hardly Realized It Had Snapped, or: Reflections on "The Beach Fire"; Some Notes for the Intermediate and Advanced Creative Writing Student); Part II—Four Letters (December 10, 2001; October 28, 1997; March 1996; July 26, 1996); Part III—Five Interviews (A Para-doxa Interview—Experimental Writing/Texts & Questions; An American Literary History Interview—The Situation of American Writing Today; A Poetry Newsletter Interview—A Silent Interview; A Black Clock Interview; A Para-doxa Interview—Inside and Outside the Canon; ; Appendix—Nits, Nips, Tucks, and Tips (1 essay read in 2014, 2 essays read in 2015, continuing to read).

Oliver Dickinson: The Complete Griselda [made up of: Oliver and Me (Greg Stafford); Introduction; Points of View; Lucky Eddi; Griselda Gets Her Men; Shamus Gets a Case; A Tasty Morsel; All in the Family; The Great Chart Caper; Hanufa's Little Sister; Down Among the Dead Men; Good Advice; Wolfhead's Story; Carving Up Carver; Devil's Play; Bad Example; Holding the Baby; This Love Business; Serious Money; Worlds Apart; Red Hot; Happy Anniversary; First Class Protection; The Hero Bit; The Matchmaker; Griselda the Hero??; The Trouble with Nephews; Interfering Uncles Have Their Uses (Michael O'Brien); Different Shades of Red; Respect; The Cradlesnatchers] (31 stories, collection completed).

Arthur Conan Doyle: Sherlock Holmes, The Complete Novels and Short Stories, Volume 01: (2014 reads) Introduction; A Study in Scarlet; The Sign of Four; A Scandal in BohemiaThe Red-Headed LeagueA Case of IdentityThe Boscombe Valley MysteryThe Five Orange PipsThe Man with the Twisted LipThe Adventure of the Blue CarbuncleThe Adventure of the Speckled BandThe Adventure of the Engineer's ThumbThe Adventure of the Nobel BachelorThe Adventure of the Copper BeechesSilver BlazeThe Yellow FaceThe Stock-Broker's ClerkThe "Gloria Scott"The Musgrave RitualThe Reigate PuzzleThe Crooked ManThe Resident PatientThe Greek InterpreterThe Naval TreatyThe Final ProblemThe Adventure of the Empty HouseThe Adventure of the Norwood Builder; The Adventure of the Dancing MenThe Adventure of the Solitary CyclistThe Adventure of the Priory SchoolThe Adventure of Black PeterThe Adventure of Charles Augustus MilvertonThe Adventure of the Six Napoleons; (2015 reads) The Adventure of the Three Students; The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez; The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter; The Adventure of the Second Stain; The Hound of the Baskervilles (novel); The Valley of Fear (novel); Preface to His Last Bow; The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge; The Singular Experience of Mr. John Scott Eccles; The Tiger of San Pedro; The Adventure of the Cardboard Box; The Adventure of the Red Circle; The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans; The Adventure of the Dying Detective; The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax; The Adventure of the Devil's Foot; His Last Bow; Preface to The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes; The Adventure of the Illustrious Client; The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier; The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone; The Adventure of the Three Gables; The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire; The Adventure of the Three Garridebs; The Problem of Thor Bridge; The Adventure of the Creeping Man; The Adventure of the Lion's Mane; The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger; The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place; The Adventure of the Retired Colourman (33 stories read in 2014, 30 stories in 2015, collection completed) (omnibus review here).

Gardner Dozois (editor): The Year's Best Science Fiction (Thirty-Second Collection) [Made up of: Summation: 2015 (Gardner Dozois); The Fifth Dragon (Ian McDonald); The Rider (Jerome Cigut); The Days of the War, As Red as Blood, As Dark as Bile (Aliette Bodard); The Burial of Sir John Mawe at Cassini (Chaz Brenchley); The Regular (Ken Liu); The Woman from the Ocean (Karl Bunker); Shooting the Apocalypse (Paolo Bacigalupi); Weather (Susan Palwick); The Hand is Quicker (Elizabeth Bear); The Man Who Sold the Moon (Cory Doctorow); Vladimir Chong Chooses to Die (Lavie Tidhar); Beside the Damned River (D.J. Cockburn); The Colonel (Peter Watts); Entanglement (Vandana Singh); White Curtain (Pavel Amnuel, translated by Anatoly Belilovsky); Slipping (Lauren Beukes); Passage of Earth (Michael Swanwick); Amicae Aeternum (Ellen Klages); In Babelsberg (Alastair Reynolds); Sadness (Timons Esaias); West to East (Jay Lake); Grand Jete (The Great Leap) (Rachel Swirsky); Covenant (Elizabeth Bear); Jubilee (Karl Schroeder); The Pirates of Del Mar de Plastico (Pirates of the Plastic Ocean) (Paul Graham Raven); Red Lights, and Rain (Gareth L. Powell); Coma Kings (Jessica Barber); The Prodigal Son (Allen M. Steele); God Decay (Rich Larson); Blood Wedding (Robert Reed); The Long Haul, From the "Annals of Transportation, The Pacific Monthly", May 2009 (Ken Liu); Shadow Flock (Greg Egan); Thing and Sick (Adam Roberts); Communion (Mary Anne Mohanraj); Someday (James Patrick Kelly); Yesterday's Kin (Nancy Kress); Honorable Mentions: 2014 (Gardner Dozois) (38 stories, collection completed)].

Umberto Eco: How to Travel with a Salmon and Other Essays. Made up of: Preface; How to Travel with a Salmon; How to Replace a Driver's License; How to Eat in Flight; How to Go Through Customs; How to Travel on American Trains; How to Take Intelligent Vacations; How to Use the Taxi Driver; How Not to Talk About Soccer; How to Use the Coffeepot from Hell; How to React to Familiar Faces; How to Be a TV Host; How Not to Know the Time; Stars and Stripes; Conversation in Babylon; On the Impossibility of Drawing a Map of the Empire to Scale of 1 to 1; How to Eat Ice Cream; How It Begins, and How it Ends; How to Justify a Private Library; How to Compile an Inventory; How to Spend Time; How to Buy Gadgets; How to Follow Instructions; How to Become a Knight of Malta; How to Deal with Telegrams; How Not to Use the Fax Machine; How Not to Use the Cellular Phone; Three Owls on a Chest of Drawers; Editorial Revision; Sequels; How to Use Suspension Points; How to Write an Introduction; How to Write an Introduction to an Art Catalogue; How to Set the Record Straight; How to Watch Out for Widows; How to Organize a Public Library; How to Speak of Animals; How to Play Indians; How to Recognize a Porn Movie; How to Avoid Contagious Diseases; How to Choose a Remunerative Profession; The Miracle of San Baudolino (41 stories, collection completed).

Warren Ellis: Cunning Plans—Talks by Warren Ellis. Made up of: Introduction; How to See the Future; A Cunning Plan; Mogo; The Near Future of Pop; Yaa; The Language of Magic; Some Bleak Circus; Addendum—Sometimes the Future is Bullshit (9 stories, completed).

Ruthanna Emrys: The Litany of Earth (1 story, completed).

Homer: Circe and the Cyclops (Penguin Little Black Classics) (1 story, completed).

Simon Ings and Sumit Paul-Choudhury (editors): Arc: Volume 01 [Made up of: (2014 reads) Introduction (Simon Ings and Sumit Paul-Choudhury); The Object of Posterity's Scorn (Bruce Sterling); A Journey to Amasia (Stephen Baxter); Alien Evasion (China Mieville); Bearlift from Maddaddam, A Novel in Progress (Margaret Atwood); Breaking the Fall (Paul Graham Raven); In Autotelia (M. John Harrison); Sir John Schorne's Devil (Simon Ings); Whta Hpapnes fi it Atclluy Wroks? (Sumit Paul-Choudhury); Topsight (Hannu Rajaniemi); Making the Future (Justin Mullins); We Want Your Futures (Justin Mullins); Three Surprising Theories About Science Fiction (Adam Roberts); Three Ways to Play the Future (Leigh Alexander); Three Sorties on Dreamland (Simon Pummell); The Water Thief (Alastair Reynolds) (1 entry completed in 2014; continuing to read.)

Usman T. Malik: The Vaporization Enthalpy of a Peculiar Pakistani Family (1 story, completed).

Henry Mayhew: Of Street Piemen (Penguin Little Black Classics) (1 story, completed).

Larry Niven (editor): Man-Kzin Wars: Man-Kzin Wars 25th Anniversary Edition (Made up of Introduction (Larry Niven); Introduction (Stephen Hickman); The Warriors (Larry Niven); Iron (Poul Anderson); Cathouse (Dean Ing) (3 stories in 2014, continuing to read).

Larry Niven (editor): The Best of All Possible Wars (Made up of Introduction (Larry Niven); The Warriors (Larry Niven) (re-read for the previous collection); Madness Has Its Place (Larry Niven); The Man Who Would Be Kzin (Greg Bear & S.M. Stirling); In the Hall of the Mountain King (Jerry Pournelle & S.M. Stirling) (3 stories in 2014, continuing to read).

Wilfred Owen: Anthem for Doomed Youth (1 story, completed).

Samuel Pepys: The Great Fire of London (Penguin Little Black Classics) (1 story, completed).

John Scalzi: After the Coup (1 story, completed).

Clifford D. Simak: Over the River and Through the Woods (Made up of: Introduction (Poul Anderson); A Death in the House; The Big Front Yard; Good Night, Mr. James; Dusty Zebra; Neighbor; Over the River and Through the Woods; Construction Shack; The Grotto of the Dancing Deer (1 story, continuing to read).

Clifford D. Simak: Skirmish—The Great Short Fiction of Clifford D. Simak (Made up of: Foreword; Huddling Place; Desertion; Skirmish; Good Night, Mr. James; The Sitters; The Big Front Yard; All the Traps of Earth; The Thing in the Stone; The Autumn Land; The Ghost of a Model T (2 stories, continuing to read).

Patrick A. Smith (editor): Conversations with William Gibson [made up of: (2014 reads) Introduction by P.A. Smith; ChronologyEye to Eye: An Interview with William Gibson, conducted by Takayuki Tatsumi; (2015 reads) An Interview with William Gibson/1986, conducted by Larry McCaffery/1986; Conversation with William Gibson, conducted by Timothy Leary/1989; Queen Victoria's Personal Spook, Psychic Legbreakers, Snakes, and Catfood: An Interview with William Gibson and Tom Maddox, conducted by Darren Wershler-Henry/1989; "The Charisma Leak": A Conversation with William Gibson and Bruce Sterling, conducted by Daniel Fischlin, Veronica Hollinger and Andrew Taylor/1991; An Interview with William Gibson: Virtual Light Tour, conducted by Andy Diggle and Iain Ball/1993; William Gibson Interview, conducted by Giuseppe Salza/1994; The Man Who Named Cyberspace: An Interview with William Gibson, conducted by Scott Rosenberg/1994; William Gibson, Webmaster, conducted by Scott Rosenberg/1996; William Gibson Interview, conducted by Andy Diggle/1997; William Gibson Interview, conducted by Edo van Belkom/1997; An Interview with William Gibson, conducted by Jon Courtenay Grimwood/1998; William Gibson: Waiting for the Man, conducted by Antony Johnston/1999; William Gibson Interview Transcript, conducted by Cory Doctorow/1999; Redefining William Gibson, conducted by Donna McMahon/2003; William Gibson: The Father of Cyberpunk, conducted by Alex Dueben/2007; Futuristic Fantasy Lives Now for Author William Gibson, conducted by Mary Ann Gwinn/2007; Space to Think, conducted by Tim Adams/2007; Interview: William Gibson, conducted by Noel Murray/2007; William Gibson Talks to io9 About Canada, Draft Dodging, and Godzilla, conducted by Annalee Newitz/2008; William Gibson: The Art of Fiction No. 211, conducted by David Wallace-Wells/2011; Why William Gibson Distrusts Aging Futurists' Nostalgia, conducted by John Joseph Adams and David Barr Kirtley/2012; William Gibson: The Complete io9 Interview, conducted by Charlie Jane Anders/2012; Key Resources] (21 entries completed in 2015; 3 entries completed in 2014, collection completed).

John Scazli: After the Coup (1 story, completed).

Sophocles: Antigone (Penguin Little Black Classics) (1 story, completed).

Jonathan Strahan (editor): The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year 008 [made up of: (2014 reads) Introduction (Jonathan Strahan); Some Desperado (Joe Abercrombie); (2015 reads) Zero for Conduct (Greg Egan); Effigy Nights (Yoon Ha Lee); Rosary and Goldenstar (Geoff Ryman); The Sleeper and the Spindle (Neil Gaiman); Cave and Julia (M. John Harrison); The Herons of Mer de l'Ouest (M. Bennardo); Water (Ramez Naam); The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling (Ted Chiang); The Ink Readers of Doi Saket (Thomas Olde Heuvelt); Cherry Blossoms on the River of Souls (Richard Parks); Rag and Bone (Priya Sharma); The Book Seller (Lavie Tidhar); The Sun and I (K.J. Parker); The Promise of Space (James Patrick Kelly); The Master Conjurer (Charlie Jane Anders); The Pilgrim and the Angel (E. Lily Yu); Entangled (Ian R. Macleod); Fade to Gold (Benjanun Sriduangkaew); Selkie Stories are for Losers (Sofia Samatar); In Metal, In Bone (An Owomoyela); Kormack the Lucky (Eleanor Arnason); Sing (Karin Tidbeck); Social Services (Madeline Ashby); The Road of Needles (Caitlin R. Kiernan); Mystic Falls (Robert Reed); The Queen of Night's Aria (Ian McDonald); The Irish Astronaut (Val Nolan)] (2 stories, continuing to read).

Unknown (A. K. Ramanujan, Translator): Speaking of Siva (Penguin Little Black Classics) (1 story, completed).

Jack Vance: The Eyes of the Overworld (made up of: The Overworld, Cil, The Mountains of Magnatz; The Sorcerer Pharesm; The Pilgrims; The Cave in the Forest; The Manse of Iucounu). [Cugel's Saga (novel).]

Jack Vance: Rhilalto the Marvelous (made up of: Foreword; The Murthe; Fader's Waft; Morreion).

Jack Williamson: With Folded Hands.

Graphic Novels (Installments):

Jason Aaron & John Cassaday: Star Wars (2015) 001-008 (8 stories, continuing to read).

Jason Aaron & Russell Dauterman: Thor (2014) 001-008; Thor (2014 Annual 001 (9 stories, continuing to read).

Jason Aaron & Chris Sprouse: Thors 001–003 (3 stories, continuing to read).

Dan Abnett & Company: Annihilation Omnibus 001; Omnibus 002; Omnibus 003 (24 stories, completed).

John Allison & Lissa Treiman: Giant Days 001 (1 story, continuing to read).

Amy Lily Amirpour and Michael DeWeese: A Girl Who Walks Home Alone at Night Issue 001—002 (2 stories, continuing to read).

Corinna Sara Bechko, Gabrield Hardman, Jordan Boyd: Invisible Republic 001-002 (2 stories, continuing to read).

Brian Michael Bendis & Company: All-New X-Men 001-041; X-Men: Gold; All-New X-Men Annual 1; All-New X-Men Special 1 (44 stories continuing to read). Guardians of the Galaxy (2013+) 001-003, 0.1, Tomorrow's Avengers 001, 004-010, 011.Now, 012-027, Annual 001, Most Wanted 001 (40 stories, continuing to read). Guardians of the Galaxy Team-Up 001-008 (8 stories, continuing to read).

Brian Michael Bendis & Nick Bradshaw: FCBD—Guardians of the Galaxy (1 story, completed).

Marguerite Bennett, Kieron Gillen & Co.; Angela 1602 001–004 (4 stories, completed). Angela: Asgard's Assassin 001–006 (6 stories, completed).

Marguerite Bennett, G. Willow Wilson & Co.; A-Force 001-005 (5 stories, completed).

Ed Brisson & Damian Couceiro: Cluster 001 (1 story, continuing to read).

Joe Caramagna & Adam Archer: FCBD—Rocket Raccoon (1 story, completed).

Joe Caramagna & Company: Avengers VS 001-004 (4 stories, continuing to read).

John Carpenter, Eric Powell & Brian Churilla: Big Trouble in Little China 001-014 (14 stories, continuing to read).

Paul Cornell & Ryan Kelly; Saucer Country 001-002 (2 stories, continuing to read).

Kelly Sue DeConnick & David Lopez: Captain Marvel 001-014 (14 stories, continuing to read). Captain Marvel the Carol Corps 001-004 (4 stories, continuing to read).

Divers Hands (Many Hands!): The Dreaming 001–012 (12 stories, continuing to read).

Gerry Duggan & Baldeon: Nova 028 (1 story, completed).

Gerry Duggan & Matteo Lolli: Deadpool vs. Hawkeye 000-004 (5 stories, completed).

Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto: Black Widow Issues 001-020 (20 stories, continuing to read).

Nathan Edmondson & Mike Perkins: Deathlok 001–006 (6 stories, continuing to read).

Chris Eliopoulos & Ig Guara: Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers 001-004 (4 stories, completed).

Al Elwig & Allen Davis: Uncanny Avengers–Ultron Forever 01 (1 story, completed).

Warren Ellis and Jason Howard: Trees 001-012 (12 stories, continuing to read).

Warren Ellis & Company: Injection 001–004 (4 stories, continuing to read). Transmetropolitan 001-018; I Hate It Here (19 stories, continuing to read).

Jay Faerber and Scott Godlewski: Copperhead 001-005 (5 stories, continuing to read).

Matt Fraction, David Aja, Matt Hollingsworth and Others: Hawkeye 001-022; Hawkeye Annual 001; Hawkeye Bundle Exclusive (24 stories, series completed) (and then again, the whole thing through, because it is that good).

Neil Gaiman & J.H. Williams III: The Sandman—Overture 001-003 (3 stories, continuing to read).

Kieron Gillen & Salvador Larroca: Darth Vader 001-008 (8 stories, continuing to read).

Jonathan Hickman & Company: Avengers (2012-2015) 001-020 (20 stories, continuing to read).

Sam Humphries & Ed McGuinness: Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: The Black Vortex Alpha 001 ("cross title" story) (2 times, 1 story, completed). Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: The Black Vortex Omega 001 ("cross title" story) (1 story, completed).

Sam Humphries and Alti Firmansyah: Star Lord and Kitty Pryde 001 (1 story, continuing to read).

Sam Humphries & Divers Hands: Legendary Star-Lord 001-011 (11 stories, continuing to read).

Alexandro Jodorowsky & Zoran Janjetov: Before the Incal 001-006 (6 stories, completed).

Alexandro Jodorowsky & Moebius: The Incal 001-006 (6 stories, completed).

Antony Johnston & Justin Greenwood: The Fuse 001-013 (13 stories, continuing to read).

Antony Johnston & Christopher Mitten: Wasteland 001-005 (5 stories, continuing to read).

Justin Jordan & Ariela Kristantina: Deep State 001-005 (5 stories, completed?)

John Kovalic & Company: Munchkin 001 (1 story, continuing to read).

Jason Latour & Robbi Rodriquez: Spider Gwen 001-005 (5 stories, continuing to read).

Stan Lee & Jack Kirby: Avengers 001-012 (includes "1.5") (13 stories, continuing to read).

Stan Lee & Jack Kirby: Fantastic Four 019-025 (7 stories, continuing to read).

Stan Lee & Jack Kirby: Uncanny X-Men 031-037 (11 stories, including some re-reads, continuing to read).

Jeff Lemire & Ramon Perez: All-New Hawkeye 001–004 (4 stories, continuing to read).

Jeff Loveness & Brian Kesinger: Groot 001–005 (5 stories, continuing to read).

David Mandel & Michael Walsh: Hank Johnson—Agent of Hydra 001 (1 story, continuing to read).

Erik Mona & Tom Garcia: Pathfinder Origins 001 (1 story, continuing to read; multiple author and artist teams).

Erik Mona & Leandro Oliveira: Pathfinder Origins 006 (1 story, mini-series completed; multiple author and artist teams).

James Pearson and Roland Bird: Heart of War (1 story, completed until second half comes out).

Greg Rucka & Company: Cyclops 001-012 (12 stories, continuing to read).

Wesley Schneider & Tom Garcia: Pathfinder Origins 003, 005 (2 stories, continuing to read; multiple author and artist teams).

Charles Soule & Alex Maleev: Lando 001–003 (3 stories, continuing to read).

Eric Stephenson and Simon Gane: They're Not Like Us 001-002 (2 stories, continuing to read).

James Sutter & Leandro Oliveira: Pathfinder Origins 004 (1 story, continuing to read; multiple author and artist teams).

James Sutter & Kevin Stokes: Pathfinder Origins 001–002 (2 stories, continuing to read; multiple author and artist teams).

Robbie Thompson & Stacey Lee: Silk 001-006 (6 stories, continuing to read).

Brian K. Vaughn & Co.: Paper Girls 001 (1 story, continuing to read).

Mark Waid and Carlos Pacheco: S.H.I.E.L.D. Issues 001–011 (11 stories, continuing to read).

Mark Waid and Terry Dodson: Princess Leia 001-005 (5 stories, continuing to read).

Greg Weisman & Pepe Larraz: Kanan—The Last Padwan 001-005 (5 stories, continuing to read).

G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona: Ms. Marvel Issues 001-019 (19 stories, continuing to read).

Skottie Young, Jake Parker & Filpe Andrade: Rocket Racooon 004-011 (8 stories, continuing to read).

Chip Zdarsky & Joe Quinones: Howard the Duck 001–005 (5 stories, continuing to read).

Jim Zub and Max Dunbar: Dungeons & Dragons: Legends of Baldur's Gate 001 (1 story, continuing to read).

Jim Zub and Steven Cummings: Wayward 001-010 (10 stories, continuing to read).


Locus: October 2015 (4 entries).

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