Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Cover Art: Chris Foss (01)

I'll freely admit that often a book is sold by the cover. In fact there are a number of paperbacks that I have kept in my collection, even if I have the hardcover or eBook edition, because I love the cover so much.

DAW Books was always immediately identifiable on the shelves in the 1970's onwards because of the yellow spine of the book. A second identifier was the cover art: Kelly Freas, early stuff by Dave Mattingly, Jack Gaughan and even Chris Foss. The cover above was done by Foss for Barrington J. Bayley's Collison Course. All I can remember from the book is that the cover had nothing to do with the plot, but what a cover. A city in a bottle in space! No, two cities in two bottles in space!

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