Thursday, January 9, 2014

Current Reads (January 9, 2014)

Just a quick update (I will try to do this on a regular basis) of my "most active" reads. I'm going strong with non-fiction this year. Among the non-fiction books I'm reading are Setting the Stage (part of Boston Publishing's The Vietnam Experience series), Fire Base Illingworth, Vietnam (Karnow's single-volume history). (All this reading on Vietnam will lead to a miniatures game or a podcast or an advanced degree..or all of the above!)

I'm also reading (not about Vietnam!) Debra Hamel's excellent Reading Herodotus, which would serve as a good introduction to anybody who wants to tackle the Father of History (or the Father of Lies).

Fiction ranges wildly. Keeping with the Vietnam theme, I am reading both Matterhorn and The 13th Valley (a bit more through Matterhorn than Valley). In trying to read some translated works, I'm reading Roadside Picnic (the Strugatsky Brothers) and Solaris (Lem). Beyond that, I'm continuing to read a number of books I started last year: C.L. Moore's short stories, more David Weber, and the like (as usual, I'm reading 25+ books simultaneously).

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