Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2014: The Year in Video

I've kept track of television or movies viewed in a couple of past years, but haven't really don't it carefully enough. Maybe this year will be different? Given a really extensive number of videos and movies available through my Prime membership at Amazon (since it gives us "free" shipping), I'm going to try and watch something a few times a week and see how much backlog I can clear.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 01: Pilot; 0-8-4; The Asset; Eye Spy; Girl in the Flower Dress (January); F.Z.Z.T.; The Hub; The Well; Repairs; The Bridge (February); The Magical Place (March); Seeds; T.R.A.C.K.S.; T.A.H.I.T.I.; Yes Men; End of the Beginning; Turn, Turn, Turn; Providence (April).

Cadfael: One Corpse Too Many (January). The Sanctuary Sparrow (January). The Leper of Saint Giles (April).

Castle in the Sky (February).

Doctor Who: The Robots of Death (January).

Fail Safe (2000 remake) (March).

Frozen (January).

Ghidorah: The Three-Headed Monster (May).

Ghostbusters (March) and Ghostbusters II (March).

(Gojira) Godzilla (2014 Edition) (May). (Gojira) Godzilla (1954 Edition) (May). Godzilla vs. Monster Zero (May).

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (January).

Howl's Moving Castle (February).

Jeeves and Wooster: Season 01: Jeeves Takes Charge; Tippy and the Terrier; The Purity of the Turf; The Hunger Strike; Brinkley Manor (January). Season 02: Jeeves Saves the Cow-Creamer; A Plan for Gussie; Pearls Mean Tears; Jeeves in the Country; Kidnapped!; Jeeves the Matchmaker (January). Season 03: Bertie Sets Sail; The Full House; Introduction on Broadway; Right Ho, Jeeves; Hot Off the Press; Comrade Bingo (January). Season 04: Return to New York; The Once and Future Ex; Bridegroom Wanted!; The Delayed Arrival; Trouble at Totleigh Towers; The Ties That Bind (Feburary).

Kiki's Delivery Service (February).

Monsters University (January).

Monsters, Inc. (January).

Mothra (May).

My Neighbor Totoro (February).

Orphan Black: Season 01: Natural Selection; Instinct; Variation Under Nature; Effects of External Conditions; Conditions of Existence; Variations Under Domestication; Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner; Entangled Black; Unconscious Selection; Endless Forms Most Beautiful (April)

Pacific Rim (February).

The Real Ghostbusters: Citizen Slimer (March).

Seinfeld: Season 01: The Seinfeld Chronicles (pilot); Male-Unbonding; The Stake Out; The Robbery; The Stock Tip. Season 02: The Ex-Girlfriend; The Pony Remark; The Busboy; The Baby Shower; The Jacket; The Chinese Restaurant; The Phone Message; The Stranded; The Statue; The Heart Attack; The Revenge; The Deal; Tonight Show Appearance; How It Began. Season 03: The Note; The Truth; The Dog; The Library; The Pen; The Parking Garage; The Cafe; The Tape; The Nose Job; The Alternate Side (March).

Sherlock: Season 01: A Study in Pink; A Study in Pink (Alternate); The Blind Banker; The Great Game (February). Season 02: A Scandal in Belgravia; The Hounds of Baskerville; The Reichenbach Fall (March). Sherlock Uncovered (March).

Solaris (2002 version) (January).

Spirited Away (February).

Stalker (January).

Twin Peaks: Pilot (January). Traces to Nowhere (January). Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer (January).

The X-Files: Pilot (January).

Number of episodes and/or movies viewed: 117 (May 24, 2014).

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