Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Riding the Fourth Hoarse

Since the question has come up and since I'm the "administrative member" of the trio known as The Three Hoarsemen, here's our (my) policy on guests, or Fourth Hoarses.

We only (currently) do twelve shows a year, one a month. If we ever find enough energy to do more shows, fantastic. Please note what our logo is. We are tired old people.

Some of our shows will be "host only". That may, as with everything else, change, but in general we like to talk amongst ourselves now and again. That's why we started the podcast to begin with!

For guests, our guidelines are: (a) It helps that you're interesting. (b) It helps that we've had contact with you on some basis, so we're comfortable speaking to you. (c) It helps that you are "in genre" either as a professional or a amateur (fan) and have something to bring to the table.

Do you have a book coming out? Do you work, for pay or a volunteer, in some aspect of genre we're interested in? Do you have "a story"?

Guests need to be approved by all three hosts, just as when we discuss a book or an author without a guest. All three have to be interested and comfortable. There's nothing like the drawn out, skeptical "Wellllll..." generated by co-hosts Jeff Patterson or John Stevens to give you pause about how a subject will fly.

Here's the procedure if the above applies: (a) Contact me with your pitch at GodelEscherBach at Gmail Dot Com. (b) Outline what you'd like to talk about! (c) Links help! (d) Do you have an ARC or a book or a file? That helps! (e) If we see something that clicks, we'll contact you and work out a schedule.

We generally record around the middle of the month, on a Sunday night, at 8:30 P.M. Eastern (US). We're flexible on time of month, day of the wee, hour of the night but understand that this is a voluntary effort and Life Gets In the Way Of Fandom (TM) on a very regular basis. We will try to accommodate, but it usually works best in that frame. Sessions last around ninety minutes. Shows are split fifty-fifty between the main topic of the episode (for example, a book or an author or a movie) and "culture consumed" (what we and our guest have read, listened to, or viewed).

For past shows, please see the episodes at SF Signal. Future guests include (tentative or committed) a artist, a publisher, a editor, even more who write. We have plans for covering more individual books (with or without a Fourth Hoarse) or topics such as awards, genre history and specific authors.

Do you have something that fits in? Contact us! You too can ride the Fourth Hoarse!

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