Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I mentioned one of my recent reads on the latest episode of the SF Signal Podcast (I'll post a separate link later), part of the Garrett, P.I. series by Glen Cook. While you can read these in any order (they work very well as standalone novels), some (and I am one of those!) like to read books in "their proper order". So, to date, here is the series:

Sweet Silver Blues (01) (P/E)
Bitter Gold Hearts (02) (P/E)
Cold Copper Tears (03) (P/E)
Introducing Garrett P.I. (OMNIBUS 01: Sweet Silver Blues, Bitter Gold Hearts, Cold Copper Tears) (P only)
Old Tin Sorrows (04) (P only)
Dread Brass Shadows (05) (P/E)
Red Iron Nights (06) (P only)
Garrett Takes the Case (OMNIBUS 02: Old Tin Sorrows, Dread Brass Shadows, Red Iron Nights) (P only)
Deadly Quicksilver Lies (07) (only P in solo publication, E in omnibus)
Petty Pewter Gods (08) (P/E)
Faded Steel Heat (09) (P/E)
Garrett For Hire (OMNIBUS 03: Deadly Quicksilver Lies, Petty Pewter Gods, Faded Steel Heat) (P/E)
Angry Lead Skies (10) (P/E)
Whispering Nickel Idols (11) (P/E)
Cruel Zinc Melodies (12) (P/E)
Gilded Latten Bones (13) (P/E)
Wicked Bronze Ambition (14) (P/E)

"P" means paper edition, "E" is an eBook. There are some gaps between the formats, and thus, availability. The omnibus editions are pretty good deals in terms of price vs. words.

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