Sunday, July 28, 2013

Better Late Than Never

It's not quite the end of July, which means there's still time to put this up as "timely"! Ansible! Ansible!
AS OTHERS SEE US. _Cli-Fi Dept._ Some novels about climate change are of course more equal than others: 'Many of the 70-odd books written up to the late 1990s were science fiction, says Mr Trexler _[who has made a list]_, and tended to treat climate change as one of several problems rather than the main one. / The pattern changed as growing numbers of notable writers began tackling the topic, from Margaret Atwood (_Oryx and Crake_) or Michael Crichton (_State of Fear_), Jeanette Winterson (_The Stone Gods_), Ian McEwan (_Solar_) and Barbara Kingsolver (_Flight Behaviour_).' (_Financial Times_, 1 June) [MMW] Poor J.G. Ballard was presumably too early an adopter to be notable for _The Drowned World_. Executive summary: 'Don't call it "science fiction". Cli-fi is literary fiction.' (_Christian Science Monitor_ headline, 26 April) [BT]
While you're here, may I point you to the wonderful service that Mr. Langford has done by getting these books into print? BUY THEM!

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