Saturday, July 27, 2013

Almost Two Full Months of APOD

O.K., here we go! Almost two full months of celestial wonders, the beauty of our planet, rocketry and more!

06/10/13: The wonders of the Large Magellanic Clouds in UV light (mouseover).

06/11/13: Star-forming regions of NGC 2582.

06/12/13: The Whole Mercurian Catalog (video)!

06/13/13: Four planets at once.

06/14/13: Sharpless 115 and hot young stars.

06/15/13: Signs of an unknown comet.

06/16/13: Happy birthday to APOD!

06/17/13: Geological signs, sandworms or signs of martian sledding activities (where's Richard C. Hoagland when you need him?)?

06/18/13: Supercell!!!

06/19/13: Milky Way over Crater Lake with Airglow mouseover).

06/20/13: Hamburger Galaxy (NGC 3628), close-up of edge-on view.

06/21/13: Solstice!

06/22/13: Full Moon over Poseidon.

06/23/13: Red Hot Blues on Venus. Any Crazy Oil?

06/24/13: Porpoise Galaxy (NGC 2396/Arp 142).

06/25/13: listen, there's a hell of a universe next door, let's go

06/26/13: Meet the neighbor.

06/27/13: Noctilucent clouds over Moscow.

06/28/13: Super-Moon's super halo!

06/29/13: The anti-tail of Comet PanSTAARS.

06/30/13: Hyperion. Our strange Solar System.

07/01/13: Out of the cradle, endlessly circling (another view tomorrow).

07/02/13: There's a hole in my bucket (a different view from yesterday).

07/03/13: Peaceful stars and electrical arcs.

07/04/13: Starburst Galaxy and Superwind.

07/05/13: Globular Cluster NGC 6752.

07/06/13: Mega-Spiral (NGC 6384).

07/07/13: Still Life with Reflecting Dust.

07/08/13: Nothing new is ever found in the Solar System.

07/09/13: Gamma Cygni (blue supergiant, dusty and nebulous backdrop).

07/10/13: Hot spots.

07/11/13: Bull Dust.

07/12/13: Messier's Eleven (mouseover).

07/13/13: Solar tracks.

07/14/13: Pillars of Creation.

07/15/13: Sombrero (Messier 104).

07/16/13: ZONDS!

07/17/13: A sight to make a boater quiver in fear.

07/18/13: Eye See 342!

07/19/13: Saturn snapshot (reverse angle).

07/20/13: Comet Lemmon in the Deep Sky.

07/21/13: All the Seasons of Saturn.

07/22/13: The Earth-Moon system from Saturn.

07/23/13: Two sides of the coin: The Earth-Moon system from the orbit of Mercury and the orbit of Saturn.

07/24/13: A year in the life.

07/25/13: Trifid (one of my favorite parts of the sky!).

07/26/13: Elephant's Trunk.

07/27/13: Clouds (terrestrial and galactic) over the driest place on Earth.

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