Sunday, July 10, 2016

Beyond the Infinite

A semi-random accumulation of links about my favorite movie!

A Look Beyond the Future (Look Magazine looks at 2001).

Cinephilia looks at 2001. The same site has Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 "diary".

28 behind-the-scenes pictures from the movie. A even bigger archive of images on Flickr.

Supposedly a collection only of the artwork of Brian Sanders, but there are Robert McCall (and other artists works) mixed in.

Online friend David S. F. Portree looks at the reality of 2001's vehicles (Part 01).

Holy heck, where are my lottery winnings? Simon Atkinson's limited edition prints of vehicles.

If this volume is as good as the first volume, it is a required buy.

Creative Review on Harry Lange and a new book covering his design work.

Typeset in the Future on 2001 (one of many excellent posts on the site about films).

The archives of Arthur C. Clarke are available to the public (details on how to apply for use).

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