Thursday, April 7, 2016

Gentlemen, We Have A Problem

Gentlemen, we have a problem. We behave badly. And when people point this out to us, we behave worse.

We need to do better. Like our hobby? Share it. If we keep it to our circle of white males, our hobby will die.

Also: Behave better when people point out our problem. There seems to be a lot of hissing online in reaction to this. Would you say some of those things to somebody face-to-face? Would you say some of those things and behave in such a fashion to your sister or mother or wife or partner? If so, grow up.

We need to be more tolerant and less of a tantrum-throwing toddler.

Here's the post that created the "controversy" and pointed out how we behave (not a secret, but too long we have ignored that behavior or supported it).

Luckily, there are some white males who are also pointing out our problem. It's a start. More of us need to confront this behavior and take it out.

(There's a reason I stopped going to gaming conventions. There's a reason I've been very careful with how my daughter interacts online and at events. We need to do better.)

Addendum: Another good podcast discussion of the issue, courtesy of The Dice Decide.

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