Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hugo Nominations

Once more into the breech, dear friends, once more into the breech...

A plea, again, to magazine and book publishers: there are editor categories in the Hugo Awards. Wouldn't it be nice to have the people that produce the book and stories that we nominate and vote on get nominated as well? Doesn't it make sense to put somewhere...easily seen...a list of your editor folk and the projects they did?

This is the third year I've spent most of my time deciding what to vote on just trying to figure out what editors did what or what editors work where. Next year I may just ditch those two categories out of protest.

Next difficult was the fan category, as I don't don't interact on the forums and sites that much, so I don't really "know" the folks who work there. Fan artist was the hardest.

Comics...oddly...was almost the easiest category this year. What a change from last year!

On to the nominations...

Best Novel:
Proxima: Stephen Baxter
Europe in Autumn: Dave Hutchinson
The Three-Body Problem: Cixin Liu
The Causal Angel: Hannu Rajaniemi
On the Steel Breeze: Alastair Reynolds

Best Novella:
The Adventure of the Ring of Stones: James P. Blaylock/Subterranean
The Regular: Ken Liu/Upgraded
The Madonna and the Starship: James Morrow/Tachyon
Entanglement: Vandanah Singh/Hieroglyph
Kur-A-Len: Lavie Tidhar/Black Gods Kiss

Best Novelette:
Memorials: Aliette de Bodard/Asimov's
The Last Log of the "Lachrimosa": Alastair Reynolds/Subterranean Online
Seventh Sight: Greg Egan/Upgraded
A Hotel in Antarctica: Geoffrey A. Landis/Hieroglyph
Wine: Yoon Ha Lee/Clarkesworld

Best Short Story:
In Babelsburg: Alastair Reynolds/Reach for Infinity
Invisible Planets: Hannu Rajaniemi/Reach for Infinity
Trademark Bugs—A Legal History: Adam Roberts/Reach for Infinity
The Long Haul from the ANNALS OF TRANSPORTATION, The Pacific Monthly, May 2009: Ken Liu/Clarkesworld (needs to win the award for longest story title that I've ever typed into a form!)
The Dust Queen: Aliette de Bodard/Reach for Infinity

Best Related Work:
Greg Egan: Karen Burnham
Handbook of Vance Space: Michael Andre-Driussi
The Art of John Harris—Beyond the Horizon: John Harris
The Art of Ian Miller: Ian Miller
Sibilant Fricative—Essays & Reviews: Adam Roberts

Best Graphic Story:
Trees: Warren Ellis and Jason Howard
Caliban: Garth Ennis and Facundo Percio
Schlock Mercenary—Broken Wind: Howard Tayler
Letter 44: Charles Soule and Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque
Ms Marvel: G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona & Co.

Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form):
Captain America: Winter Soldier
The Grand Budapest Hotel
X-Men: Days of Future Passed
Guardians of the Galaxy

Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form):
I Remember the Future
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Beginning of the End
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Things We Bury
Doctor Who: Listen
Doctor Who: Flatline

Best Professional Editor (Short-Form):
Jaym Gates
Alisa Krasnostein
Andrew Liptak
Julia Rios
Jonathan Strahan

Best Professional Editor (Long-Form):
Anne Clarke
Lee Harris
Marco Palmieri
Anne Perry
William Schaeffer

Best Professional Artist:
Galan Dara
Daniel Dos Santos
Dalve Halverson ("Joey HiFi")
John Picacio
Fiona Staples

Best Semiprozine:

Beneath Ceaseless Skies
The New York Review of SF

Best Fanzine:

The Book Smugglers
A Dribble of Ink
SF Signal
Skiffy and Fanty

Best Fancast:

The Coode Street Podcast
Galactic Suburbia
The Incomprable
The SF Signal Podcast
The Three Hoarsemen (well, DUH!)

Best Fan Writer:
Sarah Chorn
John DeNardo
Jamie Todd Rubin
John Stevens
Pau Weimer

Best Fan Artist:
Winchell Chung
Patrick Hester
Jeff Patterson

John W. Campbell Award (Not A Campbell):
Wesley Chu
Michael J. Martinez
Emma J. Newman
Helen Wecker
Django Wexler

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