Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015: The Angle of Attack

It is said that no plan survives initial contact with reality (or many variants thereof), but I have...once again...come up with a vague plan for what I'll be reading this year. How will it look by the end of the year? We shall see!

First, I plan on reading those anthologies and collections I started last year and have yet to finish.

Second, I plan on finishing my read/re-read of the Honor Harrington series (David Weber & Company) and the Leary-Mundy series (David Drake) that I started in 2014.

Third, I'll be doing reading associated with preparation for episodes of The Three Hoarsemen.

Fourth, hopefully I'll get a little bit better on reading all the periodicals that I subscribe to!

And, fifth, more non-fiction! I've been neglecting the reading of non-fiction, but (of course) not the buying of non-fiction. Have to tackle that Mount Toberead. Yes, I'll be reading fiction (in fact, I've already started) but I do want to clear out some of the non-fiction backlog.

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