Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2014: March Readings

What? Another month come and gone? So...how goes the reading?

Books read: Twenty-seven (out of a goal of at least 60)!

Short works read: Two-hundred and sixty (out of a goal of 365)!

Not too shabby. I had a couple of boosts in that a chunk of the reading was done in preparation for the one podcast I am participating in, The Three Hoarsemen, over at SF Signal. That provided reading clocked for earlier in the year and for this month (the Sheffield) titles.

The Sheffield re-reads have been fun. Some of the books I've read many times (The various stories that make up The Compleat MacAndrew). Others I haven't read since they first came out (Hidden Variables). They will come up on the next episode of The Three Hoarsemen (recording soonish).

Onwards and upwards!

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