Sunday, February 2, 2014

Current Reads (February 2, 2014)

O.K., so where do we stand in my current (as usual) fractured reading lists?

Stephen Baxter (electronic) (fiction): Vacuum Diagrams.

James Blish (electronic) (fiction): Cities in Flight.

Ben Bova (electronic) (fiction): As on a Darkling Plain. The Towers of Titan and Other Stories. The Sam Gunn Omnibus. Powersat.

Jorge Luis Borges (paper) (fiction): Collected Fictions.

David Brin (electronic and audio) (fiction): Existence.

Terry Brooks (electronic) (fiction): The Sword of Shannara Trilogy.

Eric Brown (electronic) (fiction): Necropath.

John Brunner (electronic) (fiction): The Squares of the City. Stand on Zanzibar.

Philip Caputo (electronic and audio) (re-read) (non-fiction): A Rumor of War. Means of Escape.

Gail Carriger (electronic) (fiction): The Parasol Protectorate (omnibus).

G.K. Chesterton (electronic) (fiction): The Complete Father Brown Mysteries.

Arthur C. Clarke (electronic) (fiction): Prelude to Space.

James S.A. Corey (electronic) (fiction): Leviathan Wakes.

Leonardo da Vinci (electronic) (art): Notebooks.

Samuel R. Delany (electronic) (non-fiction): On Writing.

John M. Del Vecchio (electronic) (fiction): The 13th Valley.

Arthur Conan Doyle (electronic) (fiction) (short stories): Sherlock Holmes (multiple volumes).

Guy Consolmagno (electronic) (non-fiction): God's Mechanics: How Scientists and Engineers Makes Sense of Religion.

Will Durant (electronic and audio) (non-fiction): Our Oriental Heritage.

Paul Elie (electronic) (non-fiction): Reinventing Bach.

Warren Ellis (and Divers Hands) (paper) (art): Anna Mercury. Ignition City. Ministry of Space. Ocean.

Steven Erickson (electronic) (fiction): The Malazan Empire.

Bernard B. Fall (electronic) (non-fiction): Street Without Joy.

Matt Fraction (and Divers Hands) (paper) (art): Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon.

Carl Freedman (electronic) (non-fiction): Critical Theory and Science Fiction.

Gary Gibson (electronic) (fiction): Stealing Light.

Mike Guardia (electronic) (non-fiction): Hal Moore: A Soldier Once...and Always.

Debra Hamel (electronic) (non-fiction): Reading Herodotus.

Colonel Thomas X. Hammes (USMC) (electronic) (non-fiction): The Sling and the Stone: On War in the 21st Century.

Thor Heyerdahl (electronic) (non-fiction): Kon-Tiki.

James Hilton (electronic) (fiction): Lost Horizon.

Douglas Hofstadter (paper) (non-fiction): Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid.

Homer (translated by Robert Fagles) (paper and electronic) (poetry): The Iliad.

Donald Kagan (electronic, paper and audio) (non-fiction): The Peloponnesian War.

John Keegan (electronic) (non-fiction): Fields of Battle: The Wars for North America.

Stephen King (electronic) (non-fiction): Danse Macabre. On Writing.

Jacqueline Koyanagi (electronic) (fiction): Ascension.

Anne Leckie: (electronic and audio) (fiction): Ancillary Justice.

Stanislaw Lem: (electronic and audio) (fiction and non-fiction)): Solaris. Summa Technologiae (Electronic Meditations)

George R. R. Martin (electronic) (fiction): Dying of the Light.

Tim Maughan (electronic) (fiction): Paintwork

Julian May (electronic) (fiction): The Many-Colored Land.

Paul McAuley (electronic) (fiction): 400 Billion Stars.

David McCullough (electronic) (non-fiction): 1776. Truman.

Helen Merrick (electronic) (non-fiction): The Secret Feminist Cabel.

Ryu Mitsuse (electronic) (non-fiction): Ten Billion Days and One Hundred Billion Nights.

C.L. Moore (paper and electronic) (fiction) (short stories): Northwest of Earth and Northwest Smith.

Chris Moriarty (electronic) (fiction): Spin State.

Anka Muhlstein (electronic) (non-fiction): Monsieur Proust's Library.

James Stuart Olson and Randy W. Roberts (electronic and paper) (non-fiction): When the Domino Fell: America and Vietnam, 1945-2010.

Andrew X. Pham: Catfish and Mandala (electronic) (non-fiction): A Two-Wheeled Voyage Through the Landscape and Memory of Vietnam.

Terry Pratchett (electronic) (fiction): Snuff.

Marcel Proust (electronic) (fiction): In Search of Lost Time (omnibus).

Thomas Pynchon (electronic and audio) (fiction): The Crying of Lot 49. Gravity's Rainbow.

Alastair Reynolds (electronic) (fiction): Blue Remembered Earth.

Ronald Rolheiser (electronic) (non-fiction): Our One Great Act of Fidelity.

Nate Silver (electronic) (non-fiction): The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail—But Some Don't.

Iain Sinclair (paper) (non-fiction): Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire.

Clark Ashton Smith (paper, electronic and audio) (fiction) (short stories): The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith (six volumes).

Jad Smith (electronic) (non-fiction): John Brunner.

Ewen Southy-Tailyour (electronic) (non-fiction): 3 Commando: Helmand Assault.

Tom Standage (electronic) (non-fiction): Writing on the Wall: Social Media—The First 2,000 Years.

Jonathan Strahan (editor) (electronic) (fcition) (short stories): The Starry Rift. Engineering Infinity. Edge of Infinity.

Howard Tayler (electronic) (fiction): Extraordinary Zoology.

Paul Theroux: The Tao of Travel (electronic) (non-fiction): Enlightenments from Lives on the Road.

Thucydides (electronic and paper) (non-fiction): The Landmark Thucydides.

E.C. Tubb (electronic) (fiction): The Winds of Gath.

Barbara Tuchman (paper, electronic and audio) (non-fiction): The Guns of August.

Sun Tzu (audio) (non-fiction): The Art of War.

Robert van Gulick (electronic) (fiction): The Haunted Monastery.

Various (electronic) (fiction): The Arabian Nights.

Various (paper and electronic) (philosophy): The Bible.

Vernor Vinge (electronic and audio) (fiction): Rainbows End.

Jo Walton (electronic) (non-fiction): What Makes This Book So Great.

David Weber (audio and electronic) (fiction): War of Honor (Honor Harrington 10).

Gene Wolfe (electronic and paper) (fiction): Peace.

Perez Zagorin (electronic) (non-fiction): Thucydides: An Introduction.

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