Friday, February 15, 2013

Fire in the Sky

Reports are coming in of a meteor that fell (burned up? hit?) over Russia. Here's an amazing collection of "dashcam" and cellphone footage via Slate, including the effects of the sonic boom (not an explosion, just the sonic boom)!

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Video 01. Video 02. Video 03 (you can hear the multiple booms near the end). Video 04 (watch windows being blown out!).

Best one yet: view of the fall captured by an orbiting weather satellite!

Pictures of what is said to be a hole caused by a piece of the meteor (in ice).

One person took the satellite image (above) and matched it with Google Earth. A 200-mile long trail!
According to one tweet, this site says (in Russian, sorry): "...meteor, not artificial, 30 km/s on flat trajectory, not seen before entry by Earth-based assets..."

Addendum: Substantial updating to details in this story from The New York Times. Another video, from a parking lot. Bolide early on, boom comes at around 7:00 minutes. 20 Hiroshima Bombs? Video from a city camera. Different security camera footage, with the meteor coming almost right at it, includes falling snow and shocked birds. Washington Post article on the aftermath.

Good compilation video from multiple cameras. Could be World War III.

How is it we know that 2012 DA 14 and the meteor are not related? NASA explains.

Update: Astronomy Picture of the Day supplies another compilation video.

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