Wednesday, January 1, 2003

2003: The Year in Books

Alphabetical by author, what I've gotten through so far in 2003. In addition to the books I've read, as usual, there are a dozen or so "works in progress", as I always seem to start a bunch of books, go slowly, then race through one, then another, etc...

Baxter, Stephen: Manifold—Time
Bear, Greg: Blood Music
Friedman, Thomas: Longitudes and Latitudes
Gibson, William: Virtual Light, Idoru, All Tomorrow's Parties
Haldeman, Joe: The Forever War, Forever Free
Levy, Stephen: Crypto
McCaffrey, Anne: Dragonflight
Pierce, Hayford: Chap Foey Rider, Capitalist to the Stars
Simak, Clifford: The Trouble with Tycho
Weber, David: The Short Victorious War, Field of Dishonor
Woodward, Bob: Bush at War

The commute from hell continues, so I'll keep reading...

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