Friday, November 15, 2002

John W. Campbell, Jr.

Found a copy of JWC's Cloak of Aesir—in hardcover! With an intact dustjacket! First edition, from 1952, in pretty darn good condition.

The collection contains several independent short stories, as well as two mini-series: "Cloak of Aesir" and "The Machine". The stories are from his "Don A. Stuart" period, when he started writing more "atmospheric" stories as opposed to the "Blood and Thunder" space opera stories that he started his career with.

Good stuff, holding up very well (for the most part). In fact, the "Don A. Stuart" stories hold up better than many of his John W. Campbell, Jr. stories (as much as I love space opera).

Quick: What is the origin of the pseudonym "Don A. Stuart"?

Addendum (October 31, 2002): Pete Young (See the blog-formerly-known-as-Flying-Sauce) wrote: I've consulted the Oracle (Encyclopedia of SF) and come up with nothing...!

Addendum (October 21, 2002): To which I replied:


A visitor!

Well, toss that encyclopedia out the window. Don A. Stuart is taken from the lovely Mrs. Campbell...Donna Stuart in her unmarried life!

Addendum (November 15, 2002): ...and speaking of Don A. Stuart, the nice folks at NESFA, through their publishing arm, have a collection of the Don A. Stuart stories of John W. Campbell, Jr. on their schedule.

Hopefully they will follow through with the John W. Campbell, Jr. stories of John W. Campbell, Jr.!

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