Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: The Year in Shorts

I started the goal of trying to read at least as many short stories each year as there are days and have managed to keep it up most years. Last year I exceeded the goal handily; some years are not as productive. What will 2013 bring? Who will know!

Total count (out of 365): 422 (as of December 31, 2013).

Stephen Baxter: Gravity Dreams (2 entries, completed). Vacuum Diagrams (4 entries, continuing to read)

Mark Berent: Let's Kill the Dai Uy (1 entry, completed).

Borges, Jorge Luis: Labyrinths (3 entries, continuing to read).

Algis Budrys: Benchmarks—Galaxy Bookshelf (57 entries, collection completed).

John W. Campbell, Jr. (writing as Don A. Stuart): Cloak of Aesir (4 entries, continuing to read). Who Goes There? (1 entry, completed).

Arthur C. Clarke: The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke 02: The Sentinel (21 stories, collection completed). Reach for Tomorrow (1 entry). Tales from the "White Hart" (1 entry). (Omnibus review here.) The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke 03: The Star (29 entries, collection completed). The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke 04: A Meeting with Medusa (30 entries, collection completed).

James S.A. Corey: Gods of Risk. The Butcher of Anderson Station (2 stories, completed).

Samuel R. Delany: The Jewel-Hinged Jaw: Notes on the Language of Science Fiction (13 entries, collection completed). Starboard Wine: More Notes on the Language of Science Fiction (14 entries, completed).

Harlan Ellison: Dream Corridor (Volume 01) (20 entries, collection completed). Dream Corridor (Volume 02) (15 entries, collection completed).

William Gibson: Distrust That Particular Flavor (26 entries, collection completed).

Elbert Hubbard: A Message to Garcia (1 story, complete) (original text here) (Part of the USMC Professional Reading List, found here, Adobe Acrobat file).

Fritz Leiber: The Ghost Light. Made up of: Introduction; The Ghost Light; Coming Attraction; A Deskful of Girls; Space-Time for Springers; Four Ghosts in Hamlet (read twice); Gonna Roll the Bones; Bazaar of the Bizare; Midnight by the Morphy Watch) (9 entries, continuing to read).

C.L. Moore: Black God's Kiss. Made up of: Introduction (Suzy McKee Charnas); Black God's Kiss; Black God's Shadow (3 entries, continuing to read).

Chris Mitchell (editor): The Best of Spike Magazine—The Interviews (40 entries, collection complete).

Alastair Reynolds: Thousandth Night (1 entry, completed). Beyond the Aquila Rift (1 entry, completed). Troika (1 entry, completed).

Spider Robinson: Callahan's Crosstime Saloon (12 entries, collection completed). Time Travelers Strictly Cash (24 entries, collection completed) (omnibus review here).

John Scalzi: OMW: After the Coup. OMW 05: The Human Division: The B-Team; Walking the Plank; We Only Need the Heads; A Voice in the Wilderness; Tales from the Clarke; The Back Channel; The Dog King; The Sound of Rebellion; The Observers; This Must Be the Place; A Problem of Proportion; The Gentle Art of Cracking Heads; Earth Below, Sky Above (this book is being released one installment at a time; now complete).

Cordwainer Smith: When the People Fell. Made up of: Introduction (Frederik Pohl); No, No, Not Rogov!; War No. 81-Q; Mark Elf; The Queen of the Afternoon; Scanners Live in Vain; The Lady Who Sailed "The Soul"; When the People Fell; Think Blue, Count Two; The Colonel Came Back From Nothing At All; The Game of Rat and Dragon; The Burning of the Brain; From Gustible's Planet; Himself in Anachron; The Crime and Glory of Commander Suzdal; Golden the Ship Was—Oh! Oh! Oh!; Drunkboat; A Planet Named Shayol; On the Gem Planet; On the Storm Planet; On the Sand Planet; Three to a Given Star; Down to a Sunless Sea; War No. 81-Q (original version); Western Science Is So Wonderful; Nancy; The Fife of Bodidharma; Angerhelm; The Good Friends (29 entries, collection completed).

Jonathan Strahan (editor): Edge of Infinity. Made up of: Introduction (Jonathan Strahan); The Girl-Thing Who Went Out For Sushi (Pat Cadigan); The Deeps of the Sky (Elizabeth Bear); Drive (James S.A. Corey); The Road to NPS (Sandra McDonald and Stephen D. Covey); . (5 entries; continuing to read). The Starry Rift. Made up of: Introduction (Jonathan Strahan); Ass-Hat Magic Spider (Scott Westerfeld); Cheats (Ann Halam); Orange (Neil Gaiman); The Surfer (Kelly Link) (5 entries, continuing to read).

Mark Teppo: Seer—A Foreworld SideQuest (The Foreworld Saga) (1 entry, complete).

Jack Vance: The Dying Earth (6 entries, collection completed).

Periodicals: Interzone 244 (12 entries, complete). Locus Magazine: January 2013 (2 entries). February 2013 (2 entries).

The Hugo Packet! Pat Cadigan: The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi. Aliette de Bodard: On a Red Station, Drifting. Immersion. Mira Grant: San Diego 2014: The Last Stand of the California Browncoats. Thomas Olde Heuvelt: The Boy Who Cast No Shadow. Kij Johnson: Mantis Wives. Nancy Kress: After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall. Jay Lake: The Stars Do Not Lie. Ken Liu: Mono no Aware. Seanan McGuire: In Sea-Salt Tears. Rat-Catcher. Brandon Sanderson: The Emperor's Soul. Catherynne M. Valente: Fade To White.

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